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Your Marketing Plan Step-by-Step, Page 9

 Step 9. Promotion

Promotion is the term used to define the advertisingPR and publicity and promotional tools you use to promote your product to your audience.

Once you have the other steps in place, you can unleash more of your creative efforts into specific strategies designed to motivate your specific audiences. These strategies may reach all of the targets, or some of them. However, each of your objectives and each of your audiences should be targeted by at least one of your promotional strategies.

Your primary audiences will be the targets of the majority of  your strategies, while secondary and tertiary audiences will receive less attention and resources. Also, strategies for reaching primary audiences may differ from those designed to reach secondary audiences. Click on the categories below for ideas.

AdvertisingPublicity & PressEventsPromotionsTrade Shows

Step 10. Management/timeline/evaluation/budget

The final step in your marketing plan is to assign responsibility for each marketing task to the person or persons most suited to the task. That may be yourself or someone else in the organization. It may be to contract personnel outside the business.

Set a timeline for each task. Start with a one-year plan designed to test the market. Assign the tasks by start and end-dates on a 12-month timeline. Some tasks such as writing and distributing press releases may be continuing.

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Each tactic also should have an evaluation method assigned so you will have an opportunity to learn what did and what did not work.

Produce a budget that realistically addresses each task.

Review your plan annually to see what needs to change.

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