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Your Marketing Plan Step-by-Step Page 4

 Step 4. Marketing Goal and Objectives

Now that you have your completed SWOT, you are ready to set your marketing goal and objectives.

 A goal is a statement of company purpose - pretty much like a short mission statement. Your goal should tell what you do and who you are.

Objectives are specific, measurable tasks you plan to complete in a specified time period. Objectives are a way to measure your progress. Sometimes you will exceed your objectives and sometimes you will not meet them. Either way is fine. Objectives are a means of providing yourself with marketing feedback so you can make the proper adjustments. They help you not to shoot blind.



H&RN company seeks to satisfy the need of bicycle users around the world for a high quality, long lasting bicycle tire.


  • To achieve customer sales that attain a 10 percent profit by end of 200x
  • To enter and establish a presence in 3 customer markets by the end of 200x
  • To establish an image as the highest quality, longest lasting bicycle tire in the three markets by the end of 200x.

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