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What is the Speech Location and Presentation Set Up?

What is the location and set up?

  • What does the room look like?
  • How big is it?
  • What is the seating arrangement?
  • Where will you be speaking?
  • Will you be standing?
  • If standing, is there a podium?
  • Did you ask for a podium?
  • WIll you be seated?
  •   Where?
  • At a table?
  • With other people?
  • Who are the other people?
  • Should you know their backgrounds?

What Audio/Visual equipment will you need?

  • Is there a microphone?
  • Will it be hand-held or stationary?
  • Will it be a lapel mike? ENSURE THE MIC IS OFF WHEN YOU ARE DONE.
  • What other equipment will you need?
  • Screen?
  • Computer?
  • Internet?
  • Will these be available?
  • Will there be a sound technition?
  • Will there be a lighting technition?
  • Will there be a technical rehersal?
  • Will there be a dress rehersal?

How will you make your entrance/exit?

  • Is there a stage?
  • Will you etner from wings?
  • Will you climb/descend steps?
  • How will the audience know your speech is over?
  • Will you return to a table?
  • Do you know where to go after you've finished?

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