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Trade Shows

Bolster your business!
Try a Trade Show!

Trade shows provide the stage to show off your products to your customers. And, at trade shows, you get to indulge in the best, most effective sales tool there is: face-to-face interaction. You get to meet with your customers and they get to meet you. They get to touch, feel, smell and test your products, and you get to take orders on the spot!

The trick with the trade show is to plan ahead. Use a checklist. You'll be a lot happier if you do.

Questions to ask

1. What is your show goal?

Is it to introduce a product? Sell a product at the show? Gather names/qualified leads for follow-up sales? Gain brand recognition? Coddle current customers?

2. What are your show objectives?

Distribute 5000 brochures? Sell $10,000 in product? Host a party for 100 buyers? Your goal and objectives determine your booth design, staffing, product and material needs.

3. How does the show fit your needs?

  • Who is the audience for the show? Does the audience fit your customer demographic?
  • What is the attendance track record for your customer demographic?
  • Will you have access to prior attendee lists/databases?
  • What are the show dates? Do they conflict with any major holidays, e.g.,religious holidays or major sporting events?
  • Where will the trade show be held?
  • Is the location easily accessible for your customers?
  • Will you and your customers have handicapped access?
    • Is the location attractive? Will your customers want to go there?
    • Is the show located in a safe place?
    • Is ample parking available? Is parking free?
    • Are good hotels nearby?
    • What about nearby shopping?
    • Is entertainment scheduled? When and where?
    • What are the food and beverage arrangements?
    • What is the cost for show attendees?
    • Are advertising and publicity scheduled?
    • Which trade magazines will be used? Other media?
    • Will you be included in any advertising or press releases?

    If the trade show is outdoors check the weather, including wind!
    Are alternative weather dates scheduled?
    Is this a "rain or shine" event,e,g., no refunds or is money refundable under certain conditions, like cancellation of a major entertainment act?

    Once you have answered these questions and decided that the show fits your customer profile, begin planning your booth.

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