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Booth Size

Booth size

Most trade show booths are sold in 8' x 10' or 10' x 10' increments. You can buy one booth or several, depending on your display needs and your budget.

It is critical to know the exact dimensions of your booth. A few inches off on either side and you may not fit in the space!

Ask the trade show representative about:

  • Badges
  • Decorating company
  • Electrical setup
  • Exhibitor lounge
  • Exhibitor badges/passes
  • Exhibitor parking
  • Exhibitor list
  • Fire and safety regulations
  • Food restrictions
  • General rules (No smoking, no glitter, stickers, balloons, etc)
  • Giveaway restrictions
  • Height or other restrictions
  • Included pipe and drape
  • Included signage
  • Liabilities and insurance
  • Licenses (tax, food other)
  • Loading/unloading dock
  • Main walkway carpeting
  • Phone/internet/cable
  • Safe/storage lockers
  • Security
  • Setup/takedown hours
  • Show hours
  • Sound control
  • Union rules
  • Website

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