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Booth Design & Staffing


You may choose to design your own booth or hire a booth design company to build a booth for you. Check locally for trade show exhibit/display companies and booth manufacturers and ask to visit the showrooms. This will give you a good idea of the options available. These sites on Google also give you an idea of options:

Here are some questions to consider in designing your booth:

  • What do you want to show off in your space?
  • What is the best way to do this? Photos? Graphics? Signs? Shelves? Video/DVD? Display cases? Interactive areas?
  • How much space do you need?
  • Who will set up the display?
  • Does your booth display need to be easy for one person to carry?
  • Does your booth display need to fit on a table?
  • How portable does the booth need to be?
  • Is weight a consideration?
  • What are your lighting needs?
  • What are your electrical needs?
  • What are your material storage needs?
  • Who will train your staff in booth setup/teardown?
  • Where will the booth be stored?
  • What will the traffic flow be?
  • What will staff require? Will they stand?
  • What kind of floor will be best for standing for long periods of time?
  • Will you need padding? Carpet?
  • Will you have seating?
  • Do you need tables? Floral? Wastebaskets? A container for a drawing?
  • Who will staff your booth?
  • Who will put together the booth staffing schedule?

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