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Sample Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Your sponsorship proposal letter is a critical part of obtaining a sponsorship!

 Download a sample corporate sponsorship letter template here. 

 5 important things to remember in writing your sponsorship proposal letter

1.  Address your written sponsorship proposal letter to the appropriate person. 

2.  Call your potential sponsor's organization and find out the name of the person who deals with charitable giving and sponsorships.

3.  FInd out if the company has guidelines for charitable giving/sponsorships and if so, request a copy. Only appeal to the company for a sponsorship if your organization falls within the giving guidelines.

4,  Follow up your sponsorship proposal letter with a phone call to assess interest and to seek an appointment to discuss the sponsorship. Getting a face-to-face meeting with your potential sponsor makes a huge difference in whether or not you get your sponsorship!

5.  Be prepared for that call with sponsorship levels to offer. Here is a sample sponsorship levels template to help you.




[INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] invites you to become a sponsor for our annual [INSERT EVENT NAME] to benefit [INSERT BENEFICIARIES HERE].

The primary source of funding for [INSERT EVENT NAME] is from corporate sponsors, such as yourself. The [INSERT EVENT NAME] receives no governmental funds.

This exciting event will be held [INSERT DATE, TIME, PLACE]. It is a [INSERT EVENT DESCRIPTION HERE].

As you may be aware, [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] has provided [LIST SERVICES] to [NAME AREA] citizens for the past [INSERT NUMBER OF YEARS]. The funds provided by this event will be used for [LIST BENEFITS].

Your sponsorship will help assure the success of [INSERT EVENT NAME]. Enclosed please find more information on this exciting event and its sponsorship levels. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.



Enclosures: Sponsorship Information
Event Fact Sheet

Don't forget to include the above. Remember: You are trying to give them every reason to help you. Omitting essential information about your event gives them another reason to say no. Use an event checklist. And provide a fact sheet.  

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