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Sample Grant

Purpose of Grant: To Purchase Technical Equipment

1. Write a brief statement of the issue/condition to be addressed.

The Special Education Department, housed in the Resource Room in Anywhere High School (AHS), services and supports 36 students enrolled in grades nine through 12 and ranging in age from 14 to 21 years.

The Resource Room not only supports and services special education students, but also 17 students from the Affective Needs program and 6 students from the Significantly Limited Intellectual Capacity program. Students in our program have a wide range of disabilities that interfere with their ability to learn, ranging from mild learning disabilities to severe physical/educational disabilities.

Our experienced staff prepare Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for each student to help match his/her unique educational needs and learning styles with the appropriate curriculum and pace. The challenge is to meet each IEP most effectively.

Because these students do not fit within traditional learning styles employed in the classroom, they may not absorb material as quickly or as easily as is expected by classroom teachers. There is a pressing need to meet the needs of both visual learners and auditory learners who benefit from seeing/hearing material presented more than once in a controlled environment where distractions are minimized.

The Resource Room provides a place where students are able to focus on their work, but does not have a TV/VCR or a tape player with headphones. This equipment would enable students to listen /see educational materials as many times as needed to absorb and retain the information.

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