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Public Relations Campaign Plan Template, Page 9

Strengthening and Developing Political Relationships


Increase funding and support of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME].


Work to increase awareness of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME], its role and contribution to the community with business and industry, referral agencies and political entities.


Continue to develop materials to inform boards, lawmakers and other political entities of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] products/services.

Prepare quarterly impact materials to update boards, lawmakers and others on [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] activities.

Designate and work with staff political liaison/lobbyist to communicate needs to boards, lawmakers and others with periodic visits to ensure continued funding.

Work with political liaison/lobbyist to cultivate legislative, school board and other political relationships by inviting key representative to tour physical plant, visit with clients and inform them of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] products/services.

Work with staff to identify specific organizational needs and encourage business to make equipment and/or financial donations to [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME].

Build and maintain alumni/donor lists.

Keep lawmakers informed about [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] and its successful track record.

Schedule, coordinate and attend annual coffee for lawmakers at the capitol, producing and distributing invitations and newsletter for legislators.

Performance Measures:

Increased funds translating to continuation of programs, better equipment and service to the community and business.

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