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Public Relations Campaign Plan Template, Page 7

 Assisting Staff in Promoting Goodwill for the Organization


 Increase visibility, enlist active support for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a valuable community resource.


Recognize the importance of the public relations role of each staff member in promoting the [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME].


Assist staff as follows:

  • Provide information sources to staff
  • Hold seminar on marketing for staff
  • Invite staff participation in public relations activities
  • Obtain free publicity on staff accomplishments via news releases, news pictures, radio/television appearances and interview opportunities
  • Assist staff in appearances at expos, trade shows, fairs, parades, etc.
  • Hold regular promotional brainstorming sessions with staff
  • Encourage staff to engage in community service activities

Performance Measures:

Increased enrollment and heightened support and enthusiasm for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] 

 Generating Strong Business Community Ties

Provide appropriate tools for identifying and targeting business and industry partners.

Establish and maintain updated working file of decision makers in the business community.

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