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News Fact Sheet Template

Before you send out a news fact sheet to the media, you should know a few things about how and when to use a news fact sheet and what makes a news fact sheet different from a regular news release. 

A news fact sheet provides information to the press in a format that is quick and easy to read. It contains 'just the facts' and can be thought of as a much smaller version of a news release.

A newsfact sheet can almost always be used in place of a news release when delivering information to the press. But remember, just include the facts. No irrelevant digressions. 

We have included a simple sample news fact sheet template along with a real-world example below. 

Sample News Fact Sheet Template

Media contact: Give contact name for reporters - include  phone, cell phone, email

What: Name of event and three or four line explanation of event

Date: Date or dates event will occur

Where: Location of event. Give exact address. 

Time: Time or times of event

Tickets: List ticket outlets and cost

Information: Contact numbers, email, website and names for public information

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Learn more about how to create and send effective and professional news releases and news fact sheets.

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