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News Release Samples and Templates

These free news release samples and templates show you how to set up a news release for presentation to the press.

The samples provide completed news releases for your reference. The templates provide fill-in-the-blank guides that you can use right now.

News Release Samples and Templates

Note: If the template and sample you need do not appear here, click on contact us, and we will send one to you.

News Releases by Email or Twitter

Send emailed news releases in 10-12 point, single spaced, sans serif (such as Arial) font.

DO NOT SEND COPY ATTACHMENTS. Attachments should be limited to photos.

Pay close attention to the subject line.  This should be a concise headline that describes the information included in the release. Give the pertinent information in the first three lines of the release as that is what shows up on most email viewers. Do not waste space on big headlines and logos. Twitter is good for this because of the limited amount of characters that can be used.  Again, be sure your tweet provides pertinent information. The reporter will call you if more information is required.

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