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Business Marketing Plan Template, Page 3

For At Home Business:
[ INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] delivers all of our services to our customers. Our in-home office is cost effective for the business without being inconvenient or inaccessible our customers.

The price for [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] products and services is based upon a thorough and detailed analysis of costs versus expense. [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME ] has conducted a detailed analysis of our costs as well as of the prices of our closest competitors. We have determined that our pricing is competitive as well as profitable for our business.

[INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] promotional strategies reach our target customers to accomplish our marketing objectives. These strategies may reach all of the target customers, or some of them. However, each objective and each market audience is targeted by at least one of the strategies in the three areas given below. Our primary audiences will be the targets of the majority of the strategies/tactics while the secondary and tertiary audiences receive less attention. Also, strategies for reaching primary audiences may differ from those designed to reach secondary and tertiary audiences.

[Select appropriate strategies from each category below. Budget for each strategy.)

(Click on each strategy for more detailed information.]


Sales strategies Audience Target Cost
Business cards All $500
Business signage All $1500
Coupons Primary/secondary $1000
Free sampling Primary $500
Promotional gifts Primary $300
Sales credits Primary $500
Sales kits, leave behinds and promotional DVDs Primary $2500
Trade Shows Primary/secondary $7500


Media strategies Audience Target Cost
Billboard advertising All $15,000
Database advertising Primary $1,000
Direct mail advertising Primary $5,000
Magazine advertising Primary $12,000
Newspaper advertising Primary/secondary $14,000
Public relations activities Primary $1,500
Radio advertising Primary/secondary $15,000
Television advertising Primary/secondary $30,000
Website advertising Primary/secondary $3,000


Participation strategies    
Events Primary $2,500
Memberships Primary/secondary $500
Chambers of commerce
Professional organizations
Community charities
Civic organizations
Seminars Primary $2,500
Sponsorships Primary/secondary $1,200

Management Timeline

Responsibility for each of the tasks in the [Insert INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME] marketing plan is assigned to the person or persons most suited to the task. Tasks are assigned by start and end-dates on a 12-month timeline. Each task includes a completion date. Some tasks such as writing and distributing press releases may be continuing.

Action Person Responsible Due Date Completion Date
Create logo
JH 1/1/20xx 2/15/20xx


Budget Summary
[Give budget numbers for all elements listed in the marketing plan]

Logo design $500
Stationery and cards $500
Building signage $800
Sales kits $5000
Open house $2500
Newspaper advertising $12,000
Radio advertising $25,000
Ad Production $3000
Website design $2500
Website maintenance $1200
Database development $5000
Total $58,000

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