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 Advertising is available at national, regional and local rates. National advertisers pay the most money for commercial ands also take priority on placement, i.e., where their ads will run.

Regional TV buys are available to advertisers who wish to buy several affiliates in a region. For example, an advertiser may buytime on CBS stations in Kansas, Nebraska and Ohio. The cost per ad will be less than a national buy which includes every CBS affiliate in the US.

Local rates apply to advertisers who are buying only one affiliate. For example, an advertiser may buy the local CBS affiliate. Certain time slots are available to local advertisers.

TV advertising is purchased based on time. Like radio, TV is a finite medium, with only a set portion of time available for advertising . Currently,TV advertisers may buy 17 minutes of each half hour of programming.

TV ads may be purchased in 10, 15, 30, 60, 120 and 180 second time allotments.

You may also purchase time for an infomercial that lasts a full half hour or a full hour. You usually see infomercials late at night, or on weekends. Infomercials often are designed to look like news programs, but they are actually paid ads.

Cable television

Dozens of cable networks currently available to cable users. These include such networks as A&E, BBC America, Bravo, CNN, HBO, TNT, ESPN and many others featuring home shopping cartoons, music, comedy, classic films, programs for women, programs for men etc.

Cable by itself is often considered a "frequency" medium. The highly targeted nature of cable, as well as its sometimes limited geographic coverage, allows the buyer to increase frequency while pinpointing reach.

When analyzing the use of cable in your advertising plan, understand your target audience and their likelihood of subscripting to cable. Consider the geographic location of your target audience, as cable is often sold by "geographic zones".

When planning cable for your buy, remember that the more networks you add, the larger your reach. The more spots you buy on a network will add frequency to your schedule.

Your cable representative can give you target audience rating information. Often the data is based on the entire DMA geographic area and will produce very small ratings. Although cable ads may seem cheap, remember that the price is based on the ratings. Be sure to ask your cable representative to provide you with reach and frequency information on each network that you purchase.

Cable commercials can be purchased in a number of different lengths. Cable networks specify what commercial lengths they will accept. The standard commercial length is 30-seconds. Many cable networks are programmed to allow 10-second commercials as well as 60-seconds or longer.

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