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5 Important Tips for Getting Sponsorships

5 Important things to remember in your sponsorship request

1. Include information about the organization asking for the donation. What it is, how it began, how it is funded. Make sure the sponsor knows you are legitimate and trustworthy.

2. Tell who will benefit from the sponsorship. The more specific you are about how the sponsorship money will be used and who will benefit, the better your chances of success. Give the potential donor/sponsor an excellent rationale for spending with your group.

3. Recognize and thank sponsors. Include your sponsor in everything. Recognize your sponsor  iin all of your advertising materials, radio, TV, website, fliers, hand-outs, posters, banners, etc.  And don't forget social media! Think about how you can use YouTube, Instagram and/or the Vine to recognize and thank your sponsors. Best are things that increase the audience for recognition, and work as lasting reminders.  An article, flier, post, videio  or certificate about your sponsor can be copied and sent to friends, included on the sponsor's website or framed for the office wall!

4. Create ways  to offer recognition in writing to your sponsors. Make posters. Make fliers. Make plaques and certificates. Develop a newsletter, mail it out and post it on your website. Write press releases, distribute to the media and post them on the website and RSS. Post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and don't forget YouTube!

5. Include VIP treatment. Everybody likes to feel special. Come up with some sponsor perks like free, up-front parking, special seating, private parties, special gifts.

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