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3. Create an apple bobbing contest and offer a reward for first, second and third places. 

Co-sponsor the contest with a local grocery or apple distributor and/or local media. Mention your co-sponsors on posters, flyers or other signage and in advertising.Offer co-sponsors display space and banners at the event.

In return, ask for free product and mention in the distributor's advertising and also a poster/flyer or other signage at the distributor's location.

Ask local media sponsor for free advertising or promotional mention in return for their logo placement on materials above. Ask co-sponsors, including local media sponsor, to provide celebrity judges/hosts along with other prominent community members to help generate free publicity. 

Note: this contest works for adults and kids.  

Adults can "Bob for Brew" (use a local beer distributor as another co-sponsor). Kids can "Bob for Cider" (use a local cider or soda distributor as another co-sponsor).

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