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Sample Grant, Evaluation and Budget


1. What are the expected results during the funding period?

We expect that our learning challenged students would have access to more understandable curriculum both in a visual and auditory format. This would help these students improve their skills in all academic areas. We also expect that by reinforcing and repeating general education curriculum, extending learning time for students, and creating a platform for group discussion, we will increase student achievement.

2. How will success be defined and measured, including baseline measurements and desired improvement?

Our success will be measured in several ways. Initially, we will measure our success by quarterly/semester grades and the number of high school credits our students attain using this equipment. We will also compare academic progress with goals set in each student's IEP. When it comes to Special Education and Affective Needs students, these measures may be an indication of mastery of skills, but credits alone do not paint the entire picture of success or failure. We will also record and measure changes in number of referrals for behavior, graduation rates and drop out rates.

3. How will the project's results be used and/or disseminated?

After the close of the first school year of use, we will evaluate whether the new equipment we are requesting was as beneficial as we had hoped, and whether even more equipment would have an even greater impact. We would share this information with Nowhere School District Educational Foundation, local and state special education governing bodies, and Nowhere School District ,as needed and requested.


The Special Education Department is a federally funded program. The only funding needed to complete this request for technology and achieve the goals of this program is for the following pieces of equipment: TV/VCR and a tape recorder with multiple jacks and headphones. The school owns both audio tapes and video tapes to complete the program.

Budget Request:
TV/VCR $185
Tape recorder with multiple jacks and headphones $600
Total project budget $785

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