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Press Kits

What is a press kit?

A press kit is a packet of information prepared for the press. The purpose of the press kit is to provide background information, position papers, copies of speeches or announcements, photographs, reports and/or other material that would be useful in updating a reporter on a product, idea or service. A press kit is not valued by weight. A good press kit provides what is needed in a concise format.

What to include in a press kit:

A good press kit may consist of:

  • Press release/s
  • News fact sheet
  • Photos and biographies of executives/candidates
  • Identification for photos
  • What customers and critics are saying
  • White papers (position papers)
  • Copies of speeches
  • Copies of reports
  • Business card from the appropriate company spokesperson
  • Video clips

When to make a press kit

Always prepare a press kit and have it available when meeting with any reporter. This includes information that you have already sent to the newsroom as your fax or email may not have been received by the reporter you are meeting with, and/or the reporter may not have gone to your website to get the information.

How to make a press kit

Your press kit should be available on your website as a separate file that is easy to find and navigate.  You may also compile a folder pre-printed with your company name, logo, address, phone, fax, email and website. Information is then placed inside the folder, along with a business card from the appropriate person. This would be the person the press should contact for follow-up questions.

If you do not have a pre-printed folder, use a plain manila folder. Put the information inside and staple or paper clip your card on the outside.

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