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Press Conferences

What is a Press Conference?

A press conference is an event with print and electronic media representatives invited to witness an announcement. If you are going to do it, then you must, must have a press conference plan. 

When should you hold a press conference?

Almost never.

You should hold a press conference only when you have major breaking news. Nothing is worse than holding a press conference and having no press show up. This happens more often than you think! What you think is news may not be news at all. What does the media consider to be real news? Click here.

The working press is very competitive, and would almost always rather have the opportunity to ask questions in a private interview rather than at a press conference with everybody else.

Press conferences should be used when it is not possible or practical to provide each media representative with a private interview.

Press conferences are appropriate when:

  • The President visits

  • Foreign leaders visit

  • Catastrophic/crisis events occur or may occur which could or will endanger the public

  • Candidates announce for city, state or national elected office

  • Teams announce draft picks

  • Major celebrities visit

  • Major public construction projects are announced

  • Major public benefits are provided or taken away

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