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Elements of Planning a Press Conference, Day Of

Day Of the Press Conference:

  • Arrange for a greeter at the door to welcome press and show them seating/standing/outlets, feed system

  • Prepare and distribute press kits at the door

  • Prepare possible questions & answers

  • Prepare speakers to answer questions by practicing answers ahead

  • Arrange for snacks and beverages - this does not have to be a huge spread - coffee, tea, soft drinks & water are fine - finger food, but nothing messy or loud, like chips 

  • Start on time

  • Introduce the speaker(s) and unless they are nationally or internationally known figures, have them also identified with name tags and/or place cards. You may also wish to have someone available to assist media with photo identification

  • Have the speaker repeat questions so that everyone can hear what is being asked

  • Decide on a cut-off time, and tell the reporters when you are ready for one more question, or two more questions

  • Thank the press for coming

  • Give directions for parking validation if needed

  • Follow up with a written thank you to the reporter after the story has appeared

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