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Photo Opportunities (Photo Opp), Where To Send Information

Where shall I send photo opportunity information ?

Send information on a photo opportunity to the photo editor at newspapers and magazines and to the assignment desk at television stations via mail, fax and email or Twitter using the template and samples found here.

What information should be included with a photo?

Be sure to send identification with each photo. Tell what the picture is. Identify people in the picture from left to right. Be sure to spell names correctly. 

Ask the photographer who took the picture if a photo credit is required. If so, name the photographer in the photo credit.

What if I want to send my own photo or photos?

Good quality photos can enhance your news fact sheet or news release. Because newsrooms are often short staffed, saving the photographer or reporter a trip may be welcome. Most newsrooms are set up to accept photos via email or to download photos from a CD or an FTP site. Before you send a photo, however, check with the reporter or editor on the most desirable format. This might be a pdf file, tif file or other.

It also is important to use a good quality digital camera to assure photos that will be acceptable for reprinting or for the website. Generally speaking, photos should be clutter free and be limited to one to three persons in the picture.

Look at the photos being used by the media to see what pictures have the best chance of being used before you send.

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