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Photo Opportunities (Photo Opps)

What is a photo opportunity?

A photo opportunity is a happening that is visually appealing. Good examples are happenings that feature children, animals, disasters, unusual events, things that are a lot bigger or a lot smaller than normal, and celebrities. 

A good way to find out what makes a good photo opportunity is to check out the pictures in your favorite newspaper or magazine, look at what photos are used online in news reports, and look at the visuals used in television news programs. This will tell you what is appealing to media.

If your company is involved in helping a community in a time of need,look for the photo opportunity. For example, after major forest fires, a cell phone company brought thousands of cell phones and portable cell sites to help the victims communicate. The photo opportunity of the cell phone lines being plugged into the portable sites made front pages everywhere.

Why is a photo opportunity important?

A picture is worth 1000 words.

When should I send information on a photo opportunity?

Send information on a photo opportunity only when you have a happening that has visual appeal. The information should be short and to the point, generally one paragraph plus contact information.

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