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Hiring a Photographer


Little League Pitcher

Photo by Pulitzer Prize winner Joe Marquette

It may be a good idea to hire a professional photographer to take pictures for you.

Good pictures better your changes that they will be used. 

You can use pictures in your company communications. Post them on your website, put them in brochures or newsletters and keep them as a permanent visual record.

Do some research before hiring a photographer regarding experience, prices and use of the photographs. For example, some photographers may be experienced in portrait photography which may be just what you need for mug shots of staff members.

Other photographers may be experienced in news or action photography which may be what you need in order to interest the press in using those photos of your happening.

7 Questions to ask before hiring a photographer:

Ask to see a portfolio and after reviewing it, ask the following questions:

  1.   What is your photography experience?

  2.   Do you have a specialty?

  3.   What is your price structure?

  4.   Who are some of your other clients?

  5.   Do you have references I can check?

  6.   Who owns the pictures?

  7.   Who owns the negatives?

Always find out who owns the photographs being taken by the photographer. Many photographers will sell photographic prints or will agree to limited use of photos, but will not release originals or allow unlimited use.

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