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9 Important Tips for a News Fact Sheet or News Release

  1. Be clear

  2. Don't' be cute or creative; Just the facts, ma'am or sir

  3. Don't waste time writing headlines; They take up time and space and will not be used

  4. State the facts accurately

  5. Be brief

  6. Be specific

  7. Give your contact name, phone number and email at the top of the page; This is the person the reporter should contact for more information

  8. Give the 5 W's + How

    1. Who - who are the players? Identify by name and title and/or identifying phrase

    2. What - what is this about? What is happening?

    3. Why - why is this important - why is this happening - why is it news

    4. Where - where is this happening

    5. When - when is this happening

    6. How - how did this come about

    7. How much - is there a cost or is it free

  9. Give contact information for the public
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