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How to get a reprint of your article or a copy of your broadcast

There are many services that supply copies of articles and broadcsts. Most states have a press association that will, for a fee, find articles that mention your company name, or the name of a particular person, clip them and send them to you for your files. Following is a list of the press associations that may either provide newspaper/magazine clipping service or be able to refer you to a clipping service for print, web and broadcast.

There are also national clipping services that will do the same thing for publications and/or broadcast stations and websites across the US. Some of these include:

If you want a copy of a story that appears on television or is broadcast on the radio, you can contact the station for a copy. Most often, the material is copyrighted, so the station will refer you to a local service that will charge you for a copy of the story. Look in your local or online yellow pages for newspaper clipping services or video news services as well.

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