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NEws Fact Sheet/News Release Checklist

11 Must-Haves for any  Professional News Fact Sheet / News Release 

Did you:

  • Provide your contact name and phone number at the top of the page?

  • Provide clear, concise information?

  • Double check your facts?

  • Provide dates and times if needed?

  • Provide cost or admittance fee or state if there is no cost?

  • Check dates and times to be sure they match the calendar?

  • Spell all names correctly and spell them the same way each time they appear?

  • Proofread carefully and ask someone else to proof the information as well?

  • Check deadlines to be sure your information arrives in a timely fashion?

  • Double check your list to be sure your information goes to the right person or editor?

  • Check to see if any attached photos contain proper identification.

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