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News Is Relevant

News is NOT what already happened

News is information that we can relate to, that we can learn something from; it is information that is meaningful to the people who read, watch or listen to the news source.

People who read large metropolitan daily newspapers and online information sources, and who watch national news, expect to find facts that help them understand issues, become informed about governments and learn about favorite major league teams.

People who read local weekly papers and online information sources, and who watch local news, expect to be made aware of what is happening in their local neighborhoods and towns that could affect them.

  • Are the garbage workers going on strike?
  • Are the roads open or closed?
  • What new businesses are in town?
  • What are the health issues of the day?
  • Who's running for office and why?
  • What's our government up to?
  • What's going on in our economic climate?
  • What kind of entertainment is available?
  • How are our sports teams doing?

News is NOT irrelevant 

News is also about:

Conflict, violence, scandal, sex

News brings us information about events which inspire feelings of fear or guilt such as violence, conflict, scandal, and sex-scandals. 


News is about heroes, idols, movie stars, "larger than life" figures that we want to know more about or want to associate with.


News is about sports and adventure, leisure activities and entertainment.

Human interest

Achievement, struggle, overcoming great odds, adventure, humor, children and animals.

News is about overcoming odds. Warm fuzzy news stories revolve around children and animals because they make us feel good about taking care of the most helpless members of our society. News also lets us know when they are in jeopardy.

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