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What is Newsworthy Information?

What is news?

The quickest, best way to find out what makes news is to watch the news on TV, look at the news in the newspapers and on the internet and listen to the news on the radio. This will give you instant information about what the press in your area consider newsworthy.  Following are a few additional tips about news:

News is New - it is new, first, never before, original, one-of-a-kind. It is information that we do not not already know. You'll hear and see these words over and over in the news. Here are some tips to help you. 

News is NOT what we already know.

News is Extraordinary

There is an old saying in the news business that news is not dog bites man. News is man bites dog. It is superlatives - best, worst, oldest, youngest, highest, lowest, biggest, smallest, winner, loser. Check how many times these or similar words appear in the news.

The arithmetic of news:

  • 1 ordinary person + 1 ordinary life = 0

  • 1 ordinary person +1 extraordinary adventure = news

  • 1 bank cashier + spouse + children = 0

  • 1 bank cashier - $50,000 = news

  • 1 ordinary person +1 ordinary life of 79 years = 0

  • 1 ordinary person +1 ordinary life of 100 years = news

News is NOT ordinary

News is Timely - News is now. What is new and interesting did not happen last week or last month. It is going to happen soon, or it is happening now. We are a culture of instant information. We like to know what's going on now, live.

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