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News Releases and News Fact Sheets

What is a News Release?

A news release contains information you wish to release to your audience via one or more mass media outlets- newspapers, magazines, radio, television or internet. A news release also is used to release information to your internal stakeholders - employees, stockholders, board members, donors, etc.,  - via a company newsletter or intranet. 

A news release is written in a particular style known as "news style."  The most important information is given in the first two paragraphs and the least important information at the end.

It is important to use news style because the receiver - a member of the press and/or your internal audience member -  is generally in a big hurry and will not read all the way to the end for information. We want information presented to us in a fast, easy and convenient manner!

Ignore this fact at your own peril. Time is at a premium. Ask any editor/producer/assignment editor and they will tell you that they get thousands of news releases, emails and tweets a day. Ask your colleagues at work - they will tell you they're swamped with messages and meetings.

What is a  News Fact Sheet?

A news fact sheet is a brief summary of information in a news release and is delivered in a concise format. It provides information to the press in a format that is quick and easy to read. It contains 'just the facts' and a fraction of the verbage of a news release.

A news fact sheet can almost always be used in place of a news release when delivering information to the press. 

When Should I Write a News Release or News Fact Sheet?

Send a news release or news fact sheet to the mass media when you have newsworthy information to provide. If your targeted audience thinks the information has merit, then the press will too. Hacking through the noise and getting the press to pay attention to your message is all in how it is presented. If it seems ordinary, it is. So, then, just what is news?  

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