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What is Public Relations (PR) Exactly?

What is Public Relations?

Simply put, public relations (PR) is exactly what the words imply - it is the relationship you build with each of your publics or target audiences - your customers, your workplace staff, your sponsors, your community, the press. And it's about anticipating and solving problems that arise in those relationships.  

Is PR important for my business?

Yes. Critical, in fact. Smart business builds solid, trusting relationships with its target publics (demographics). If you don't have these kinds of relationships, you won't last long in business.  If they think you are not trustworthy, your audiences can and will turn to your competitors in a heartbeat.  

How do I do PR?

Here's a quick primer:  

First, relationship building, as in any marketing effort, is a two-way street that  requires a satisfactory exchange between you and your audience.  It's not just  about telling your story, but listening  and responding to what your publics tell you. If the customers tell you parking is a problem, find a solution. If you ask your employees or customers to give you feedback, respond politely, even if you don't like what they say.

 Second, deliver what you promise. Do what you say you will do. Few things put us off more than to find out what we received was not what we were told we were getting.  Think about driving away from your fast-food and digging into your hamburger  with everything that was supposed to be a cheeseburger, no onions.

 Third, communicate with all of your publics in a timely, ethical, effective manner. To do this, you need a  Plan. Click below to see plan templates and examples: 

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