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Public Relations Campaign, Business Plan, Overview

Campaign Plan

We can't say enough times how important it is to plan ahead for your public relations program. A PR plan is imperative to a professional, comprehensive business plan. No business plan, in fact, is complete without a marketing/pr/advertising analysis. According to the Small Business Administration more than 50% of new businesses fail the first year. Why? Lack of resources and planning. Don't know how to write a business plan? No sweat. We have you covered. Learn here for free. But be sure and also check out our professional templates and examples -- why reinvent the wheel? If you have a specific question, email us at

Situation Overview

A clear, concise overview of the situation and statement of the problem. This will include pertinent history and demographic information as well as the scope of the problem or situation, events which led up to the problem, reaction to the problem by the affected groups and your assessment of the current state of affairs.

Target audiences

The   target audiences or publics should be carefully identified as primary or secondary targets. Audiences should also be identified as internal to the organization, i.e. those who are an integral part of the group such as staff members, or external audiences such as media and prospective customers.


Strategies are methods of reaching the desired publics to accomplish the objectives and ultimately the goal. Strategies may reach all of the targets, or some of them. However, each audience should be targeted by at least one of the strategies. The primary audiences will be the target of the majority of the strategies while the secondary audiences will receive less attention. Also, strategies for reaching internal audiences may differ from those designed to reach external audiences.

There are no "right" or "wrong" strategies. We are looking for ideas that will work. Strategies can be communications strategies such as advertising, media relations, publications, social media; participatory strategies such as special events, fund-raising promotions, awards ceremonies, brown bag brainstormers; outreach strategies such as community volunteer activities, speaker's bureaus, trade show participation.

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