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Business-Building Sponsored Promotions

You can do business-builder promotions as a single company, or you can involve others as sponsors and/or partners.  Here are some examples:

Sample: Earth Day Promotion at the Zoo

This busines-building promotion in cooperation with the local zoo  promotes the care and nurturing of our environment and celebrates spring with a ffun-filled day of education and entertainment. Zoo admissions are discounted for families that bring in recyclable items. Recycling collection points are staffed by non-profit and other organizations for items such as:cell phones, computers, clothing, paper, ink cartridges, shoes, glasses, etc.

Get radio, newspaper and/or TV sponsors and ask them to invite families to learn more about endangered species at the Zoo by attending during Spring Break and participating in educational and learning adventures. Zoo booths tell about specific animals, their environment and how to protect the species.

Holiday business-builder promotions

You can create contests associated with any holiday. and work with a sponsor or partner to bring in more people. During the holidays, people are in the mood to have fun! Give them a chance for fun and prizes!

Sample: Halloween party.

Use some or all of the following contests and cross- promotions to generate interest and free publicity.

1. Create a Halloween costume contest and offer a reward for first, second and third places.

Co-sponsor the contest with a local costume company, make-up or costume distributor and a local media outlet. Also contact an appropriate sponsor that could provide prizes that fit your audience.

For example, contact a local hotel/spa to be a co-sponsor for a weekend getaway as first prize if your audience is adults over 21 years. Mention your co-sponsors on posters, banners, flyers or other signage, and in the event advertising.

Note: cash is always a great prize and will draw an audience to your event.

Offer co-sponsors display space at the event. In return, ask for free product and mention in the co-sponsor's advertising and also a poster/flyer or other signage at the co-sponsor's location.

Ask local media sponsor for free advertising or promotional mention in return for its logo placement on materials above. Ask co-sponsors, including local media sponsor, to provide celebrity judges/hosts along with other prominent community members to help generate free publicity.

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