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Public Relations Campaign Plan, Overview Page 2

 Business Plan Tactics

The tactics are the ways in which the strategies are achieved. There are dozens of ways to attack a strategy. This is an excellent time to brainstorm on ways to get the job done.

Brainstorming note: Let everyone put for his/her idea without comment for others. Ask everyone in the session to write down everyone else's comments, then when the ideas run dry, begin discussing the ideas.


As the author and manager of the public relations plan, it is your job to assign responsibility for the tasks to the person or persons most suited to the task. That may be yourself or someone else in the organization. 

You also are responsible for the event timeline for each task. Start with a one-year plan and assign the tasks by start and end-dates on a 12-month timeline. Some tasks such as writing and distributing press releases may be continuing. 

Each tactic also should have an evaluation method assigned so you will have an opportunity to learn if it worked or not.

Produce a budget. Keep cost in mind as you outline your strategies and tasks, and indicate which budget the money will come from to complete each task.

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