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Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Many radio and TV stations will provide free air time for pubic service announcements (PSAs). These free announcements are reserved for community, civic and/or charitable non-profit organizations.

Radio stations generally use PSAs in lengths of 20, 30 or 60 seconds. Radio stations may prefer that you send written or pre-taped announcements or they may ask that you come to the studio and voice them live.

TV stations generally use PSAs in lengths of 30 or 60 seconds. TV stations generally ask that you provide a produced announcement that meets broadcast quality standards. The station may also provide production assistance for a price.

TV stations require lead times of up to three months; radio stations prefer three to six weeks. Additional guidelines may also apply, such as, announcements that talk about fund raising events that are open to the public, or that serve the public interest, as in announcements for free immunizations for children.

The best way to obtain information about PSAs and where to send them is to call and ask. Radio station public service directors and TV public affairsor community affairs directors generally handle PSAs.

Be aware that you do not have a voice about the times that your PSA will air - it may air during high listening times, but it may not.

Note: not all radio and TV stations provide time for PSAs. The decision to do so is made by each station.

For information on stations offering public service time in Colorado, go to

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