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Grant Writing

Grants are an essential funding source of fiscal viability for many organizations.

Grant writing is about careful planning, development, history, accurate budgets, salesmanship, and heart. There are three major stages in developing a successful and effective grant: the situation analysis and problem statement, the proposal, and the application.

Situation Analysis and Problem Statement:

This is a clear, concise overview of the situation and clear statement of the rationale for project. This will include sections on pertinent history and background of your organization including the mission, a detailed description of the project, the project goal and objectives, the target population and your assessment of how and why the project will fit the current needs/wants of the target population.


The proposal is basically a business proposition which explains, on a cost-benefit basis, why the funding organization should invest in your organization and its projects. The proposal clearly states your organization's history, mission, project goals and objectives, target publics, anticipated outcomes, and systems for measuring and reporting results of the project.


Common grant application forms are readily available both on this site and through various organizations. However, many funding organizations require that applications be made on a specific form available only through that organization. Never make the mistake of sending a common grant application form to a group that has its own form. If you don't understand the requirements, call and ask. 

Do not leave anything out. Questions on grant applications are not necessarily "trick" questions. The funding organization is looking for specifics that tell how a specific project fits its objectives, and the questions are designed to provide that information.

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