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Rule of thumb: your ad must be seen by the reader a minimum of 3 times to make an impression. If you only have cash to buy one ad, don't do it. We really don't "see" the ad until it has been in front of us several times, especially now when there are so many ads hitting us from all sides, all the time.

The good news is that most newspapers and magazines offer reduced rates to you if you run several times in the publication. Remember tho, that frequency rates apply to EACH AD. For example, an ad that costs $100 for one to three appearances may only cost $80 if you agree to advertise six times in the publication. Rather than paying $600 for six ads, you would pay $480 for six ads.

Pre-Printed Inserts

Remember your Sunday paper? All those shiny advertisements that fall out? They are pre-printed inserts. Most newspapers and many magazines offer to print and/or distribute advertising inserts that are stuffed inside the publication and delivered to all of the circulation or to designated zip codes. This is actually a direct mail distribution method.

Editorial and advertorial

The editorial department of the newspaper/magazine is separate from the advertising department. It is considered a conflict of interest for the advertising department to attempt to influence the editorial part of the publication, resulting in the loss of objective reporting that readers expect from responsible journalism. News releases should be sent to the editorial department, not to the advertising department. It is always a good idea to write a news release about an opening, event, new product or service and send it to the appropriate reporter/editor of the newspaper or magazine. Trade magazines often allow an editorial to accompany an ad. Ask about this policy.

See Publicity & Press/News Releases to learn how to do this.

An advertorial is a purchased ad that is designed to look like an editorial. However, an advertorial is always identified as advertising. Usually the word advertising appears at the top of the "advertorial" and the type face or font is always different than that used by the editorial department. Both of these things are designed to let the reader know that they are reading an ad.

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