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Newspaper/Magazine Advertising, Page 3

Display or retail advertising

Display or retail ads appear in all of the other sections of the newspaper or mgagzine. These ads generally are designed using photos, artwork, headlines and other "display" methods.

Where should I place my display ad in the newspaper or magazine?

 You can select the section of the newspaper or magazine where you want your display ad to appear.

Advertising in the section of the newspaper or magazine where you reach the maximum number of potential buyers helps assure that you are getting the maximum exposure for your ad dollars. It minimizes dollars wasted advertising to readers who are not interested in your product.

 For example, if you are selling sporting goods, you may wish your ad to appear in the sports section of the paper or magazine.  If you are selling groceries, you may wish your ad to appear in the food section.

 Steps to follow before placing your ad

  •  Request the latest audited paid circulation statement (number of papers/magazines actually distributed to readers who pay for the publication). This report is produced by outside auditors one or twice a year. This report should give you the circulation by geographic area and break out the circulation for weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.
  • NOTE: Publications often provide a number of readers or readership figure which is always a bigger number than circulation because it is based on how many people the publication THINKS read one of their papers or magazine.
  • For example, circulation may be 10,000 but readership may be 26,000 representing an average of 2.6 persons per household who have access to one newspaper. This is a statistical estimate, but it is an estimate. Some smaller newspapers may not have the audited circulation statement. You can request several printer statements to see how many publications are available for sale.
  • How is the newspaper/magazine distributed - free or paid - and where? (most useful for weekly papers) The conventional wisdom is if readers pay, they will pay more attention. However, some free newspapers/magazines enjoy excellent distribution and are widely read.. You are looking for the publication most popular among the people most likely to buy your product, service or idea.
  • What are the reader demographics - who exactly are the newspaper/magazine readers and who is reading what section.? Ask for any research that might pertain to your target audience (what percentage of the readers shop at the XXX Mall). This helps you know the likelihood of customers reading this newspaper/magazine.
  • Ask for a list of newspaper/magazine sections and their respective target audiences. For newspapers, ask for a list of "best days", i.e. Monday's business section is larger than any other day, Wednesday is the food day, etc. This helps you decide where in the newspaper to put your ad, and on what specific days.
  • Ask for a calendar of special sections (i.e. Spring Gardens, etc.). For example, if you are selling bridal gowns or accessories, you would want your ad to be in the spring bridal section of the newspaper or magazine
  • Ask for a rate card with contract levels (please note there may be as many as a dozen different rate cards covering specific sections and advertising categories). Also, be sure to get rates for special sections as they may be different than the normal rate card.
  • Ask about availability and cost of adding color. (remember that adding color may increase the readership notice score by 20%).

Check to see where the competition is advertising.

Chances are good that your ad should be in the same section.When you order or place your ad, ask that your ad be as close to the front of the section as possible, as close to the top of the page as possible to be in the best position to capture the reader's attention.

Note: keep in mind how we read when you ask for position for your ad. We start at the top left, and our eye moves down to the bottom right, then back to the right. So, your best position is at the top, then along the right side. Bottom left is the least desirable position.

Also, we read the right hand pages of the publication first. So, position on the right hand page is always better than on the left hand page. Back page is a great position because a lot of us pick up a publication and immediately turn it over. Inside front cover and inside back cover are also considered premium positions, but if you can get the first right hand page, that's better in my view because we look there first. Often this is not available though.

Generally,  newspapers and magazines offer premium positions such as the back page or inside front page for additional money.

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