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Newspaper/Magazine Advertising, Page 2

Placement Within the newspaper or magazine

Classified advertising

Two separate advertising departments are available to advertisers. The first is the "classified" department and the second is the "display" department which may also be referred to as "retail."

Classified ads appear in the classified section where you find such categories as job listings, rentals, automobiles for sale, travel opportunities and the like. Generally, classified ads are smaller than display ads, and do not contain photos or artwork. They look like directory listings. The ads are classified by category.

There might be a time when it makes sense to put your ad under a specific heading. A great many of the major market newspapers have special sections for car dealers. You could also add a classified ad under the used car heading to expand your reach against potential car buyers.

When you buy classified advertising, you may select the specific classified section where your ad will appear. This helps readers looking for the items like those you are selling to find your ad. For example, if you are listing a used car for sale, you would want the ad to appear in the "used cars for sale" category in the classified section. You would not want it to appear in the jobs section because readers looking there are looking for jobs, not cars.

Cost for classified advertising

Classified advertising is usually sold by the number of lines or number of words in the listing x the number of days the ad appears. For example, if 10 words cost $.10 each, and the ad appears in the newspaper for 7 days, you would be charged $1 per day or a total of $7.

Newspapers often will have a minimum number of days that will be charged for a classified ad. The newspaper may charge extra for different design elements - bold, type size, boxed, etc. Please note that there are usually more columns in the Classified Section than in the other sections in the newspaper which result in smaller ad space.

Some newspapers offer classified display advertising. These are generally larger ads that contain artwork or photos. Auto dealers and home builders often buy classified display ads. Costs for these ads will be different than for regular classified.

Magazine classified listings generally are sold on a modular basis, with a minimum space requirement and cost.

 Be sure to ask your representative to present your ad to you in writing the way it will appear in the newspaper. Proof it carefully as you are responsible for any mistakes!

Get the number of days, which specific days, cost per day and total ad cost in writing for your approval.


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