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News Fact Sheet Template Example Usage

Example Usage


Media contact: [give contact name for reporters, phone, cell phone, email]

What: 2014 Happy Feet Dance Festival tenth anniversary celebration with world premiere and performances by acclaimed artists.

Who: Artists from the acclaimed Windy City Ballet perform classical and contemporary selections geared to audiences of all ages. Commissioned especially for this year's celebration is the new work entitled "Genesis" choreographed by John Jones with a musical score by composer Stan Smith. The new work will be performed by gold medallists H. Happy and M. Merry. The festival is sponsored by the Good Feelings Foundation.

When: January 5 and 10 All performances begin at 8 p.m.

Where: Globe Theatre at 6877 S. Vine in Glendale.

How much: Tickets range from $10 to $25at the Globe Theatre Box Office.

Information contact: [give contact numbers, website and name for general public] for information

Important points: Remember it is your job to provide the facts to the media. It is the job of the reporter to write the article and the job of the editor to write the headline. It is important to limit your information to one page so the important facts can be read quickly.

Always give your phone, email and cell as shown so the reporter can call you if more information is required. The information the public should receive is provided in the body of the actual news release as shown.

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