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Good Workplace PR = Productivity

What makes a workplace productive?

Managers agree that a productive work environment fosters an atmosphere that is open, honest, respectful and responsive. This type of atmosphere also generates feelings of security, hope and optimism, creativity and synergy, focused thinking, the ability to problem solve and the ability to be productive

Research also shows that, for the most part, employees want the same things from an employer- a clean, safe workplace, fair wages, interesting work that presents some challenge, respect from co-workers and management, recognition for a job well done and the chance to move up the career ladder.

On the other hand, ineffective management actions lead to low employee morale and lessened productivity, triggering defensive behaviors designed to avoid action, blame and/or change. The results are unfocused thinking, lessened problem solving ability, and feelings of anger, powerlessness, and distrust. (Kelly, Trust Between Managers & Direct Reports in a Distance Relationship, ISBN: 978-3-8433-5180-5).

Good management promotes productivity. Good managers exhibit:

  • Leadership
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven organizational/planning skills


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