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20 Guidelines for Good Workplace PR

Build good employee relations and increase productivity

  1. Listen. Respond quickly and honestly.
  2. Be fair.
  3. Respect the other person. Treat the other as an equal: a person with a voice.
  4. Smile. Be friendly.
  5. Recognize a job well done.
  6. Be knowledgeable.
  7. Be open to opinions different than your own.
  8. Set mutual goals. Be realistic about expectations.
  9. Be clear about goals and timelines.Set mutual goals. Be realistic about expectations.
  10. Be honest.
  11. Stay in touch. Be available. Call, email, walk down the hall and say hello.
  12. Be timely with response and feedback.
  13. Share information.
  14. Don't have a hidden agenda.
  15. Offer training programs.
  16. Offer career growth opportunities.
  17. Offer challenge.
  18. Provide support. Focus on the problem.
  19. Be dependable. Do what you say. Be predictable.
  20. Be a mentor to your staff.

The Top four most important words for supervisors:

Good job & Thank You

Good Job

Praise the person for the work. Tell the person what you personally found good about the work. Say, "Good job." Make it a habit: say it in front of the big boss and in front of the worker's peers

Thank you
We like to be thanked. Write a note or letter telling the person that you appreciate his or her effort. Put the note or letter in the worker's personnel file. Copy the CEO and supervisors.


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