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Your Marketing Plan Step-by-Step

What is a marketing plan and what will it do for me?

Your marketing plan is the blueprint you create that tells you exactly what you've got, who wants it, why they want it, where they are, and how you are going to get them off the couch and onto your website or into your place of business with the intent to buy.

Also, should you happen to need some money from a bank or an investor, a solid marketing plan will be expected.

Here are the seven critical questions a marketing plan must answer:

  1. What do I have to market?
  2. Why is it a good idea?
  3. What is the current market situation?
  4. Who will buy it or use it?
  5. Why will they buy or use it?
  6. How will they get it?
  7. How much will it cost?

A very valuable document indeed!

You can create a plan for your product, service or idea by following these 10 steps. You may also use our  template for a successful marketing plan.

Step 1: What do I have to market?

Answer this question in your situation overview.

This is a clear, concise statement of your rationale for marketing your product, idea or service.

  • Be very specific. Start with a description of your product, service or idea. Be very clear and detailed in this description. It is critical to know exactly what you have to sell.
  • Tell why you believe your idea is a good one. Be sure and respond to the all important question,  "So what?". Talk about what makes your idea better than other, similar ideas already on the market. Be as detailed as you can. It's important to know how you are different and better than the competition.
  • Describe who you think wants or needs your product, idea or service, and why. This will be the beginning of your audience analysis.

 NOTE: Don't worry overmuch about someone stealing your idea. The old saying that there are no new ideas is true, and you can bet that somebody out there has the same idea you have right now. There's nothing you can do about that. What makes your idea different and valuable is what you do with it.

This doesn't mean you should run out and tell everybody you meet what you're doing. Be cautious, of course. Read up on copyright, patents and trademarks regarding legal protection you can take.

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