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Your Marketing Plan Step-by-Step, Page 8

Step 8. Create your position/Image

Here's where you can let your creative juices loose. This is the message that delivers what you want your target audiences to know and remember about your product or service.

It tells what makes you different and better than your competitors. It defines your niche in the market and speaks to your customers. It contains your best advertising appeal.

Review your audience analysis. Think about who your customers are and why they will buy your product.

Look at your mission statement/company goal.

Then, boil it all down into your image position/image statement. Short and sweet is best. After you have a clearly stated, desired message, it is time to reflect this idea in your advertising and logo design.

Examples of position statements:

Cheyenne Frontier Days
The daddy of'em all
World's largest outdoor western family celebration

The real thing

Mattress King
Nobody beats the King . . . Nobody

Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Good health. That's the plan.

Free yourself with Denver's only Lasik Guarantee

The art of design

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