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Marketing Your Small Business Page 7

7. Survey your customers

Your customers are a wealth of information. Ask and they generally will tell you. However, and this is important, if you decide to ask, be prepared to dislike some of things they say. Not everything about your wonderful business is going to appeal to every market segment. Remember this: DO NOT GET DEFENSIVE.  Don't conduct a survey if you only want to hear good stuff. The purpose of a survey is to get the truth -- or at least closer to it. If you get defensive, then you won't hear what the customer is trying to tell you; and you will only succeed in making them and yourself mad. You can also ask for demographic breakdowns from TV/RADIO and PRINT outlets. Learn more about that by clicking on ADVERTISING. 

Before you launch headfirst into an expensive survey, ask yourself what is it that you are really trying to determine? Are you comparing two different products? Services? Are you trying to do a focus group about your brand/message/commercial? 

Ask how am going to SPECIFCIALLY implement the data gleaned in the survey – what is it that I am going to change (or not). When you’ve answered that, then you must write your survey. There are a zillion companies that will do this for you, but they will charge -- some a little, most a lot. However, if you pay, expect that the survey is accurate. 

 Finally, ask you customers what they would like to see in the future that you are not currently providing. This small step can lead to tremendous breakthroughs, but is often overlooked.  For DOZENS of free ideas to market your small business click  on PROMOTIONS.  

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