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Marketing Your Small Business Page 6

6. Know your customers

Ask yourself, who is my product/service appealing to? Specificity is key. The more detailed you can become about who is actually spending money with you, the easier it is going to be to target that same customer group in the future. Questions you should be asking are: 

What are the target demographics of my customers?

How old are they? What is their age range? 24-54? Are they mostly women? Men? A mix? Teens? Children?

 Where do they live? Are they within a 5-mile radius of my store? How about 5000 miles, as in the web?

Are they married? Single? Married with children? Divorced? Divorced with kids?

How much money do they make? More than 100k? Less than 30k?  What is their income? What is their gross/net income? What is their disposable income

Do they drive Volkswagens, or BMWs? Are they heterosexual or homosexual? Transgendered or bisexual? Do they like dogs? Do they like cats? Are they allergic to pets?

Do they own their own home? Do they rent? Do they own multiple homes? Etc. You get the idea.

Why do you need to know all this? Because marketing your business on a shoestring means that every dollar counts. Information is power. If you can appeal to a specific group and tailor your pitch to the right audience, the more likely you are to get results. How does that translate to you? Well, it means more money -- or at least a greater opportunity to make it. And that means summering in Barcelona instead of Newark.  But how do I get this information? Good question. Here’s the answer: 

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