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Marketing Your Small Business Page 5

5. Do you have a website? Is it user friendly?

If not, then what are you waiting for? Good lord.  And I thought I was a Luddite. If you don't have one, get one. Immediately. You are reading this on the web. Enough said. There are plenty of companies that will build one for you for free. Google it or just click here.

But let's assume that you do have a website, and that it is functional. Search online and see what your competitors are doing. What does their website look like? Is it easy to navigate? What are they offering that you are not? What are you offering that sets you apart. Absorb the good ideas of your competitors.

Make notes of what they are doing, and what they are offering. Incorporate into your business model what seems to be working well for the competition, and equally important, note what you dislike. Apply those lessons to your own business model. Here are a few sites we like:

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