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Marketing Your Small Business Page 2

2. What are your strengths? Really? 

Be real about what you are offering. Ask yourself:

• What is the quality of your product/service?

• Is it cheap and easy to get? OR is it expensive and hard to obtain? 

• Is it midway -- priced fairly with the market? 

• What is the upside? Why would someone, like you, buy this product/service?

• Are you cheaper than the competition?

• Are you faster?

• Are you better?

• Are you more convenient? 

• What makes you worth my money?

• Why are you better than you competition?  

Important note:  If you would not buy your own product, at its current price, then why would you expect John Q. Public, to do the same? Understand what separates you from your competition. Why would I buy your product/service instead buying from your competitors? If you can't answer this question, then you need to figure it out. If you don't know the answer, how can you expect to sell the idea to someone who wanders into your store/site etc.?

For example: Two Mexican restaurants are within 1-mile of each other. Each is competing for customers who enjoy mole (an art in itself -- ((holy mole)) ). However, one restaurant has ample parking, and one does not. All things being equal, esp. the mole (re: above), which one would you choose to frequent? The one without the parking, of course. Why? Because they hired a complementary valet service, which heightens the dining experience. 

People in this culture -- and others  -- want things that are fast, easy and convenient. Why else would you buy a McDonald's Hamburger - Styrofoam in a box (alas) - instead of sitting down at Sparky's  local burger joint? Answer: Time. Convenience. Cost. Ease.

Another example: Fast food burgers. Roll in: step on brake; order a No. 3, with fries and a diet Coke; Super-size me? Hell no, I'm on a diet; release foot off brake; roll forward; pay; snatch food sack; roll out; stuff fries in mouth; get in wreck; pay higher insurance premiums to 'the company that cares."

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