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Sample Grant, Goals and Objectives

 2. List goals and objectives as related to grant.

The main goal of this grant is to help alternative learners accomplish their educational goals by providing the equipment needed for them to watch and/or listen to the presentation of the material as many times as needed to absorb and retain the information. Special education's goal is help students succeed in any way we can. The equipment provided through this grant would enable us to provide more alternatives to students with limited intellectual, physical, and/or educational resources, help them earn credits and, hopefully, graduate high school.

3. Describe activities planned to achieve these goals.

Many departments at NWHS currently show videos to reinforce curricula. English and social studies departments also utilize "books on tape" series to go along with their curricula. With the requested equipment we are requesting, our students would be able to watch and listen to these tapes of classroom material as many times as needed to grasp the information. Students could also stop the tapes at any time and ask questions if they were confused or did not understand a concept. This will help students achieve their goals and academic success. The TV/VCR would enable our students to review literary series and historical documents that teach the lessons tested for English and history.

4. List other organizations/teams if any participating in or benefiting from this program.

Many departments and students will benefit from the purchase of this technology, including the Special Education Department, Affective Needs Department, Speech/Language Programs, Significantly Limited Intellectual Capacity Program, and 504 students.

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