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Sponsorships and Sponsorship Packages and Templates

Requesting a sponsorship

Many successful organizations obtain sponsors or partners as an important resource  to defray costs and boost revenues. Many such organizations, especially non-profit groups,  rely upon events as a source of funds. Sponsorships may be critical in order to pay for event base costs, reduce the risk of relying solely on admission revenue for the event to succeed and raise money for the organization. Click here for sample sponsorship templates.

Award dinner base cost, room, food, printing, postage, entertainment: $25,000

Sponsorships: 5@$5000
Tickets: 200@$100
Net: $20,000

When seeking sponsors or donors for your event, remember that you are competing with others for the same dollars. Businesses receive stacks of requests for sponsorships/donations every week. Also, those businesses you see being recognized at other events are probably those getting the biggest number of sponsor/donation requests.

It is important to check the donation policy of the prospective sponsor.

Because of the flood of requests, the organization you are contacting may have a donation policy which spells out exactly what it will sponsor and/or provide a donation to. For example, organizations may have to show proof of non-profit status. Athletic organizations may be excluded. For-profit organizations may be excluded. Or, a company may be committed to benefit only one or two charities each year.

Important Things to Remember about Sponsorship


It is important to remember that sponsorship is a two-way street.

We all like to be recognized and thanked for what we do.

Be prepared to give value in return for the sponsorship/donation - you'll be surprised at how much further you get.


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