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Event Planning

The Devil is in the Details!

The key to successful event planning is in the details. The best event planners are totally focused on the little details - and they are right to obsess about them, because it is the details that will make or break the event.

  • What if 500 people bought tickets and are on their way to your outdoor event, but it is raining cats and dogs and you don't have a back-up plan?
  • What if you have people waiting in line to buy tickets to your event and the registration desk doesn't have any change?
  • What if the fire marshal shows up in the middle of your big party, says you have 200 people in a room meant for 150 and shuts you down?

Suggestions for planning your event

Five essentials to ensure a successful event:

First. Identify the goal.

Ask yourself why you are doing this? Is it to celebrate? To raise money? To educate others?

Be sure your entertainment and location complement the event you are sponsoring.

For example:

  • Do not provide a jump castle to entertain children if you are raising money for head trauma. Also:
  • Do not sponsor a fund raiser for lung cancer at a restaurant with a smoking section.
  • Do not have your event at a locale that does not have handicapped access.
  • Do have entertainment geared for kids if you expect children at your event.
  • Do check out locales for appropriate space and staff for your event.
  • Do check out restroom facilities for cleanliness as well as ability to handle the number of event participants.

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